Ankhasuo Junior High School

Ankhasuo Jr. High School

Ankhasuo Junior High School

Pre k-8th Grade

Ankhasuo is a rural village of about 800 people located in the state of Manipur on the Barak River, which serves as the border of the states of Manipur and Assam. Ankhasuo is situated in a lush valley and is primarily home to the Hmar tribe, although there are also members of the Vaiphei and Bengali tribes residing there as well. The local people of Ankhasuo are mainly farmers, growing crops of wheat, rice, chilies, and various fruits.

Ankhasuo Partner Mission School is a small school making a huge difference. There are seven staff members and an enrollment of around 120 students at the school. Ankhasuo Partner Mission School is a bright light shining the truth of the gospel and bringing the hope of a future through education!