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Student talks about when she found out she had a sponsor

One of our sponsored children in India, Irene, shares about when she learned she had a sponsor. I love how she expresses her wonder about being “chosen” out of thousands of kids around the world. The concept of being “chosen” speaks deeply to our core need and God’s great grace toward us! Learn how you […]

Child Sponsorship

How Do You Measure Hope?

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How do you measure hope in child sponsorship?

In our child sponsorship program we measure a lot of things to evaluate how lives are being changed. We measure the effectiveness of our educational programs with tests and examinations. We measure the health of our children through various checkups and evaluations. But one of the most significant outcomes of our program is tough to […]

Life in India

Life in India for a Sponsored Child

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What is Life Like for a Child in India? No doubt about it… Kids in India live lives that vary dramatically, just like those in Western nations like the USA or Canada. Much depends on economic status of their families, whether they live in cities or villages, what kind of employment their parents have, etc. […]