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What Makes Partner Parents Unique – Part 4 “Choices”

Trinity College and Seminary Graduates

Whether you’re drawn to sponsoring young children in preschool, or a seminary student pursuing a Master of Divinity, we’ve got you covered!Preschool kids in India

One of the most fascinating things about the body of Christ is diversity. Diversity shows up in all sorts of ways, but the one I’m thinking of has to do with the types of ministry people in the body are passionate about. It’s beautiful, really! In the same way that Paul says how strange it would be if we were all one body part, it would equally strange if we were all compelled to the same ministries to give to.

Some of our sponsors LOVE sponsoring young kids. There is something so sweet about receiving letters from a child who is just learning to write. Often times a parent or teacher will also write a letter to accompany the child’s simple letter and drawing.

Other sponsors are more inclined to help a student who is older, and perhaps, less likely to receive a sponsor.

Still others want to sponsor a college or seminary student who is just preparing to launch out into ministry.

The Partner Parents program offers 3 levels of sponsorship:

High School boys at Sielmat Christian High School(1) Partner Parent: Pre-k through 10th Grade ($34/month)

(2) Scholar Sponsor: 11th through 12th grade  – aka “Higher Secondary” – Think Jr. College here in the U.S. ($48/month)

(3) Leader Sponsor: Seminary Students in one of three programs – Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Theology, or Master of Divinity ($115/month – Includes Room & Board)


You can learn more about the different sponsorships we offer, or sponsor a child today at our website.