Light in the Darkness – Christmas for Sponsored Children

School Kids with solar lantners

“This is the best Christmas gift we’ve ever got!” When I hear these kind of messages from children and families of our sponsored children in India, I can’t help but smile! I hope it brings a smile to your face as well! Thank you, again, for your generosity! You have given such a wonderful gift to these precious students. It’s hard to express how valuable free, renewable light is in areas without electricity.


There is still time to give a Christmas gift through the Bibles For The World Christmas Catalog. You can give practical gifts – like this lantern – or gifts that will help missionaries get God’s word to the least reached.


It was a LONG 10-hour drive over some challenging terrain to get these lanterns to our schools in the hills, but God gave the drivers safety! The long drive was worth it to see the joy on the faces of each boy and girl as they opened their gift!


Solar Lantern



Our home office got a chance to see one of the solar lanterns we’re giving to our students. We all had fun taking it into the darkest rooms we could find to try it out! I was pretty impressed with how bright this small lantern is when you bring it into a pitch black room.






Below: The kids and staff at Lungthulien High School receiving their Christmas Gifts!


Below: The kids at Damdiei Jr. High School receiving their Solar Lanterns