Sponsored children in Saiphai, NE India performing a traditional dance

View From The Window – A Sponsored Student’s Letter

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Have you ever wondered what your sponsored child’s community is like? Listen to Isak describe his village in a letter he wrote to his sponsor:

“School is a little bit far from my house — and I take five minutes to reach it by foot. Our school is on a hill and the surrounding land is very green.

My classroom is on the second floor, and from the window I can see a rice paddy and a vast forest where there are animals like deer, monkey, boars, parrots, doves, eagles, sparrows, pigeons, and others.

At our house, we have pets like pigs and chicks. I love to feed them. ┬áIn the evening, I go to the forest with my friend searching for green leaves for the pigs. I enjoy going to the forest with my friend.”