Sponsor a Child in India – Change a Life for Eternity!

When you sponsor a child as a Bibles For The World Partner Parent, your help provides books and tuition for their Christian education in one of our three dozen Christian schools across northeast India, including elementary, high school, junior college, and our Trinity College & Seminary. The daily attention by a caring Christian teacher plays a pivotal role in helping your child grow strong in their faith.

You also provide school uniforms and shoes, plus basic healthcare that ensures each child learns in a healthy and happy environment.

Most of all, you provide hope, encouragement and the blessings of a changed future for each child or student -- AND their families.

Watch the video below and you'll see just what sponsoring a student can mean -- to him or her AND to you...

Transforming Lives...Together

When you sponsor a child, you provide hope, encouragement, and the blessings of a changed future for each child or student -- AND their families.


Your gifts provide tuition for your child's Christian education in one of our three dozen Christian schools across northeast India, from elementary through our Trinity College & Seminary.


You also provide books, school uniforms, and shoes for your sponsored child, equipping them with the tools necessary to be successful.


Your sponsorship also provides your child with basic healthcare, ensuring each child learns in a healthy and happy environment.

You Can Choose from Elementary Through College

Partner Parents

$34 per month

Elementary & Secondary Students.

Daily Christian Education.

Caring Christian Teachers.

Provides Uniform, Belt and Shoes.

Books & Tuition.

Medical Check-ups & Care.

Scholar Sponsors

$48 per month

Jr. College / Vocational.

Christian Teachers & Staff.

Christ-Centered Curriculum.

Provides Uniform, Books & Tuition.

Materials & Supplies.

Dormitory Living Adds $48 per month.

Leader Sponsors

$115 per month

Trinity College & Seminary.

Christ-Centered Education.

Caring Christian Mentors.

Leadership Development.

Provides Books & Tuition.

Provides Living Stipend.

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Sponsorship means relationship…

Child Sponsorship is about building relationships that last. When you become a Partner Parent, you'll be choosing one of the most personal, intimate programs that will not only change your sponsored child's life…it will change yours.

Take a look at the options below for sponsoring elementary age children or those who are in high school. If you want, you can even sponsor older students of junior college age, or college and seminary students, as well.

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These are just a few of those who are being sponsored. You can help a boy or girl, a young man or young woman. Please become a Partner Parent today!

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For $34 / month, you provide children with hope, encouragement and the blessings of a changed future for each child or student — AND their families! But where does that $34 / month go? Here we show how the cost is broken down, and where the funds go.

What people say about being Partner Parents…

WE (my family) became sponsors because we saw a need. We saw children that had potential to do great things for God and be used for His honor and glory and we wanted to be a part of that. We also fell in love with the Hmar children. They mirrored the greatest characteristic of our Lord Jesus – love!


I became a sponsor to assist a child in schooling and to better know her/his Savior and what HE has done for her/him. I hope I can continue to sponsor that girl I have through her school years. We love to meet her and family but know that is almost impossible.


I love children and sponsoring a child so they can get a good education in a Christian school is one perfect way to show love to a child that needs the help.


I became a sponsor in 1998 after a representative came to my church and shared about Bibles for the World and the partnership program for the children. God moved on my heart that night to join with others across the world to make a difference to those who had little if any chance to ever get an education or a Bible of their own. It has been one of my greatest joys to be a part of this ministry. I have kept every letter from each child and love it when they call me their mother or grandmother and sign it your (grand) daughter/son. I call them my adopted children.


“Our two sponsored children have become part of our family!  We just love hearing from them several times a year and watching them grow in Christ…”

“I had the chance to visit with my sponsored child on a visit to India last fall.  This precious young boy had recently lost his mother — so now I am one of his parents.”

“We sponsored a little girl when the India Children’s Choir performed at our church.  Now she is a high school student and plans to be a nurse.”

“It has been such a blessing to watch our sponsored child grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord through the excellent Christian education she receives!”

“We have had the pleasure of sponsoring three students to attend your outstanding Christian schools in India. Two have graduated now and gone on to serve God as Christian adults in India and one young man is still finishing his high school program. It has been a joy to see them grow up and serve God in their home country.”

I'm John Pudaite, president of Bibles For The World. Your participation as a Partner Parent will make a tremendous difference in the life of a young person in India.

Boys and girls -- and young men and women -- can achieve so much IF they can escape the terrible bondage of poverty, ignorance and spiritual darkness. That's why your help is so important. You can provide the "leg up" that can start them on a path to fulfill their God-given potential and, in many cases, to serve Him for the rest of their lives.

Please take action today. You will change a life -- and yours will be changed, as well.