What Makes Partner Parents Unique – Part 1 “Our Focus on Christian Education”

Children in a school classroom

With so many child sponsorship organizations, what makes Partner Parents different? Why do sponsors choose to sponsor a child in India through the Partner Parents program?

What makes Partner Parents Unique?

Our child sponsorship model is designed to minister to the whole person. The climb out of poverty is steep and complicated and combatting the many faces of poverty takes a well-rounded approach.

We believe that the deepest need of every heart is spiritual, but spiritual poverty is only part of the picture. Physical poverty robs children in so many ways. Study after study chronicle the effects of physical poverty as it relates to a child’s ability to thrive in the developing world. Kids often repeat grades or have to drop out because of illness related absences. When they are chronically malnourished they don’t have the mental clarity to retain what they’re learning.

By choosing to sponsor a child through Bibles for the World, you are literally giving the gift of hope. You are removing so many of the barriers that keep kids locked in poverty. You are providing educational expenses (fees, books, uniforms, teacher salaries), medical checkups, and a safe place for students to develop mentally, socially and spiritually in a Christian setting.

We have seen God powerfully moving in the villages we’re working in. He’s bringing hope. In places where much of the population was formerly uneducated, children are now dreaming of being doctors, pastors, teachers, engineers, nurses, missionaries, civil servants, etc. We’ve seen and believe that God is transforming a nation through Christian education!

Change a life today! Sponsor a child in India!

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