How is school different for my sponsored child in india?

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Here are a few answers to the most frequently asked questions about school for kids in India:

Q: How is the Indian school system different than the U.S.? 

A:  Children in India can start school as early as age three. They continue through elementary and junior high (or middle school) in much the same way our children do here in the U.S. High School for students in India is 9th-10th grade. At the end of 10th grade, students take a very important examination called the “Higher Secondary Leaving Certificate” exam. If students pass this exam, they are able to continue on to 11th-12th grade (Higher Secondary School), which is somewhat equivalent to our Junior College.


QMy sponsored child seems old for the grade he/she is in. Why is that? 

A: There are several reasons that a child may seem old for the grade they are in. Sometimes children get a late start in school. Other times a child’s family may move often and the child has a hard time staying caught up. Some families need extra help around the home or the farm, so they pull their child out of school. And sometimes, a child just struggles with school.


Q: Why does the cost of sponsorship raise from $34/mo to $48/mo in 11th  grade?

A: Higher Secondary School (11th-12th grade) has higher costs associated with it. Enrollment fees, teacher’s salaries, and books costs are all higher at this level.


Q: If school is only happening nine months of the year, why do sponsors pay 12 months?

A: In order to simplify billing, we have taken the annual cost of sponsorship and divided into twelve months. Since we manage schools in five different states with different schedules, it would be extremely challenging to manage stopping and resuming payments on so many accounts.

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