What Makes Partner Parents Unique – Part 2 “One to One”

sponsor with her sponsored child

There are a lot of different philosophies when it comes to child sponsorship, and each has its merits. With some organizations you may be sponsoring a school, a church, or a community with your donations. One of the things that sets the Partner Parents program apart is that when you become a sponsor, you are sponsoring an individual child.

Let me reiterate, there is nothing wrong with other approaches. We believe that God has wired us all differently, and we’re drawn to help people in a variety of ways. Praise the Lord for the multitude of organizations that are doing Kingdom work around the globe!

Our focus, from the beginning, has been to connect one child with one sponsor* and facilitate a meaningful, encouraging relationship. You can rest assured that the money you send in each month is going directly to your sponsored child’s education, medical care, etc. When you send a letter, it goes to your sponsored child and they treasure it!

Sponsored child with her sponsors

*We have a small percentage of students who attend a school very far from home. As a result, they require extra support for room and board at one of our hostels. Sometimes, their sponsor isn’t able to support both their education and boarding, so we find another sponsor to cover the costs associated with boarding.

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