Overcoming the Odds

James, a sponsored child in NE India, comes from a remote hilltop village. He is the second oldest of 7 siblings. When James was thirteen years old, his mother became ill with malaria. With no money, and no proper medical care available in the village, James remembers taking care of his mother for two weeks. He recalls holding her hand as she passed away.

James’ Village


With little money, education was not an option for James. But God had a different plan! James and his family continually prayed for provision, and shortly after, James was sponsored through the Partner Parents program. He proved to be an exceptionally smart young man. He excelled in his classes and continually scored very high on his exams. He graduated from high school in the top of his class! He is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree.


James’ childhood was marred by poverty and grief. In spite of these things, he never gave up. With a smile on his face, and a disarming humility, he says he wants to go to seminary after he finishes his Bachelor’s Degree so he can become a pastor or professor at a Bible College. He hopes that his story will give hope and bless others as much as he has been blessed. He is so grateful for his sponsors and hopes that others will have the same opportunity that he has had.


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[Names of students are changed for their privacy]