New School in Sesawng Village for Sponsored Children in India

The village had never had a school before.  That’s why there was such an air of excitement about the new Christian school that was about to open in Sesawng.

After months of planning, clearing the ground, and hauling brick and cement, the finishing touches were ready to be completed for this brand new building that would soon provide a Christian education for hundreds of eager boys and girls.

Students and families pitched in to help make the school a reality – but the funding came from generous partners in the United States who have a heart for educating kids in extreme poverty.  The Just Let Me Learn Foundation has helped complete two schools in northeast India -- this one at Sesawng and one at Saiphai.  The first phase of the Sesawng school is Nursery through Class 6, so 10 rooms were just completed (Nursery, KG, 1-6, Staff Office, Headmaster's Office).  Rooms are being built with capacity of 60+ students, so there is a capacity of 480 students in first phase.  The first phase also includes 2 staff quarters, as we need to keep some full-time staff on campus now that it is completed.

Future plans at Sesawng, in subsequent phases, are for Junior High (7-8), High School (9-10), dormitories (total capacity 120), headmaster and staff housing (2 currently under construction), football (soccer) field, and all the ancillary buildings that go into making a major campus with capacity of 720-750 students, about 15% of those as residential students.

God has certainly blessed the efforts of Bibles For The World and the Just Let Me Learn Foundation to bring Christian education to the children of Sesawng!

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