Meet Victor

See how Victor is transforming his community because of sponsors like you. Victor is a graduate of our Partner Parents program and still maintains contact with his sponsorship family in the United States. This is his story.

Why India?

India may soon be the world’s most populous country. That fact combined with current political favor and social changes make it an incredibly ripe and open mission field. The Hindu caste system is being challenged by those deemed outcasts who have been made slaves for centuries. These people are open to adopting a new religion. They are very spiritual and are looking for something to replace the old ways. What they need is a personal encounter with the One True Living God. It is our desire at BFTW to offer as many people as we can an opportunity to know and accept the love of God.

Transforming Lives, Together

When you sponsor a child, you provide hope, encouragement, and the blessings of a changed future for each child or student -- AND their families.


Your gift provides tuition for your child's Christian education in one of our three dozen Christian schools across northeast India, from elementary through our Trinity College & Seminary.


Your gift also provides books, school uniforms, and shoes for your sponsored child, equipping them with the tools necessary to be successful.


Your gift also provides your child with basic healthcare, ensuring each child learns in a healthy and happy environment.

How You're Making a Difference

For $34 / month, you provide children with hope, encouragement and the blessings of a changed future for each child or student -- AND their families! But where does that $34 / month go? Here we show how the cost is broken down, where the funds go, and how little overhead we actually have.

WE (my family) became sponsors because we saw a need. We saw children that had potential to do great things for God and be used for His honor and glory and we wanted to be a part of that. We also fell in love with the Hmar children. They mirrored the greatest characteristic of our Lord Jesus – love!


I became a sponsor to assist a child in schooling and to better know her/his Savior and what HE has done for her/him. I hope I can continue to sponsor that girl I have through her school years. We love to meet her and family but know that is almost impossible.


I love children and sponsoring a child so they can get a good education in a Christian school is one perfect way to show love to a child that needs the help.


I became a sponsor in 1998 after a representative came to my church and shared about Bibles for the World and the partnership program for the children. God moved on my heart that night to join with others across the world to make a difference to those who had little if any chance to ever get an education or a Bible of their own. It has been one of my greatest joys to be a part of this ministry. I have kept every letter from each child and love it when they call me their mother or grandmother and sign it your (grand) daughter/son. I call them my adopted children.

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