The Blessings of Sponsoring a Child

Why Sponsor a Child in India?

Thousands of couples and individuals in North America have embraced the responsibility — and the privilege — of sponsoring a child in India through Bibles For The World.  In fact, the Partner Parents program began nearly 50 years ago and has blessed the lives of tens of thousands of children and their families.

So why sponsor a child?  Below, in their own words, are the brief stories of several sponsors who wanted to share the blessings of their own experience:

In 2007, the India Children’s Choir came to our area to present their concert.  My husband and I were privileged to host two young men of the choir in our home.  Timmy and Jerry won our hearts.  After the exciting concert the next morning at our church, I felt God’s nudge for me to sponsor one of the children whose picture was featured on the event poster.  I have felt blessed to share in the education of two young men, the first graduating in 2010 , and now a second child since that time until now.  I may never meet my “child” in person, but I feel we know him well through his frequent letters, his photos and the artistic pictures he has drawn for us.  Someday I shall meet him in Heaven!  What a blessing for such a small investment!

Bob & Nancy S.

My husband and I were on the verge of a divorce, but God softened our hearts and changed us.  We learned to love each other again, this time fully and wholeheartedly.  And God taught us to be cheerful givers, as well.  We knew how it felt to not have anything, so we wanted to pour out to others what God has poured on us.  We decided to sponsor a child — and we feel very blessed knowing that we are not wasting away our finances.  We can make an impact on others in need — little children! — what seems like a million miles away while never leaving our own community!  Thank you, Bibles For The World, for changing our lives by giving us the chance to impact others!

Terence & Ayanamarie C.

The blessings we have felt since beginning to sponsor our son in India have been so special!  He was only 6 when our sponsorship began and now he has turned 14.  His letters (self-written in English) bring us such joy, as he always expresses his heartfelt appreciation for our making it possible for him to go to school.  He tells us how he enjoys school and wants to do well.  We particularly appreciate the fact that he asks us to pray that people in his area will become Christians.  We areas thankful that the Lord led us to become sponsors!

Allen & Beverly N.