Life in India for a Sponsored Child

What is Life Like for a Child in India?

No doubt about it... Kids in India live lives that vary dramatically, just like those in Western nations like the USA or Canada. Much depends on economic status of their families, whether they live in cities or villages, what kind of employment their parents have, etc.

But for the vast majority of children in Bibles For The World's schools, life is challenging due to their poverty and their lack of resources we take for granted. This is why your child sponsorship as a Partner Parent makes such an impact. You help lift kids from extreme poverty to give them a chance at a better life through Christian education in one of BFTW's three dozen Christian schools.

The best way to learn how life changes for a sponsored child is to see for yourself. Please watch the video at right to experience a day in the life of a sponsored student -- Emmanuel.

A Day in the Life…

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