What Makes Partner Parents Unique – Part 3 “Time”

School Boys Sitting on Wall

One of the most significant aspects of the Partner Parents program that sets us apart from other sponsorship organizations is the amount of time your sponsored child is in our program each week.

If you do some research into child sponsorship, and I recommend you do, you’d likely be surprised by how liberal the guidelines are for some sponsorship organizations with regard to how little time a child has to participate to be a part of the program. I mentioned in an earlier post that there are different methodologies when it comes to sponsorship, and that they all have merits. I believe that wholeheartedly. At the same time, we want sponsors to know and understand the level of care that their sponsored child gets in the Partner Parents program.

On the contrary, when school is in session, children in the Partner Parents program are in the care of loving, Christian teachers over 30 hours each week. Beyond that, our students also often attend the same church as their teachers, so the care extends beyond the walls of the school.

When it comes to sponsorship, we know that you want to make the most impact with your generous donations. When you invest in children through the ministry of Partner Parents, you are doing just that! We don’t often think of things like “return on investment” when it comes to child sponsorship because it can sound cold or calculated. However, we feel a strong sense of accountability to steward your sponsorship donations well, and you can rest assured that we are!

Sponsored kids in a classroom

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